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Click IV Interview Dates to see when your appointment is scheduled.

Immigrant visa interview appointments are scheduled by the National Visa Center and by the U.S. Consulate General each month for the following month. Applicants are notified of their scheduled appointments through the mail and should come to the Consulate at their scheduled appointment time, bringing with them their passports, appointment letters, all other requested documentation and bank drafts made out to the “U.S. Consulate General, Chennai” to pay all application and issuance fees for each person applying for a visa.

Before your interview is scheduled, you need to download and fill out the “Packet 4” forms. This packet contains the documents listed below. Please read all the documents carefully and complete all necessary forms. Click on the links below to download the forms. 

  1. Application DS 230 (PDF 1.02MB)
  2. Important Information for IV Applicants (PDF 82kb)
  3. Photo Instructions & Poverty Guidelines (PDF 181kb)
  4. Domicile for Immigrant Visa Sponsors (PDF 145kb)
  5. Medical Exam (PDF 60kb)
  6. VFS Office Addresses (PDF 110kb)
  7. Social Security information (PDF 49kb)

In order to avoid unnecessary delays, it is important for applicants to notify the Consular Section in writing of any changes in address or other contact information. 

Applicants are seated until they are called for an interview. Most interviews take place before lunch. If no ineligibilities or technical problems arise, immigrant visas are generally approved on the day of the application. Visas are then sent to the applicant by VFS Courier Service.

We recommend that visa applicants:

  • arrive at our office no earlier than 15 minutes before the visa appointment time.
  • bring with them only those documents required in support of the visa applications. (Examples of items not permitted on our premises are: sealed envelopes, cellular phones, cameras, tape recorders or players, calculators, any device with batteries such as flashlights, radios, etc., tobacco products, lighters, matches, briefcases, large bags, weapons, and pocket knives.)
  • keep to a minimum the number of persons escorting them, as our office has very limited seating and space.