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Grants Program

The following grant opportunities are now open. Visit the link below for complete information and application instructions:

Public Advocacy to Counter Violence Against Women

The Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi is soliciting proposals for a public advocacy campaign to counter Violence against Women (VAW) in India. Priority will be given to proposals involving American and New-Delhi based Indian organizations working collaboratively. However, if no strong proposals are received for American and Indian organizations to work collaboratively, individual American and Indian awardees would be considered on the strengthen of their proposal. Please see full grant announcement for additional information. (Search for this U.S. Mission to India funding opportunity using NDRFP-14-04 Funding Opp#)

This funding opportunity closes June 13, 2014

U.S. Small Grants in Action

U.S. Consulate Officials Visit Marine Biodiversity Projects at Anna University

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Small Grants Recipients

  • HRLN

    HRLN received a U.S. grant to organize a national conference on prevention of trafficking, protection and rehabilitation of victims in Kochi, Kerala.

  • South Asian Fund Raising Group (SAFRG)

    New Delhi’s South Asian Fund Raising Group (SAFRG) received a grant to develop sustainability & resource mobilization trainings for NGOs in Karnataka.

  • Mithra Foundation

    The Mithra Foundation used their U.S. grant to fund an action and awareness program in Trichy on climate change, which included solid waste management and rain harvesting issues.

  • Center for Public Policy Research (CPPR)

    The U.S. awarded the Center for Public Policy Research (CPPR) a grant to conduct a conference in Kochi on, security preparedness in Indian states.

  • Tree Foundation

    Tree Foundation, Chennai used their U.S. grant to implement an educational project in Chennai designed to strengthen student awareness and teacher engagement in conservation and biodiversity.

  • Keystone Foundation

    U.S. has supported the Keystone Foundation, with a grant  in Kotagiri which works in ecologically sensitive areas and creating a green economy for Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

  • Cultural Vistas

    The New York-based Cultural Vistas organization used their U.S. grant to implement day-long workshops on educational exchange opportunities and India-U.S. diplomacy in Bangalore and Chennai.

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