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Consular A to Z Index


A Visas (Diplomats) 

Absentee Voting (U.S. Citizens)

Academic Visas 

Administrative Processing 

Adoptions.  See Child and Family Matters 

Affidavit of Support

Airline Crew Visas

American Citizen Services


Arrest of an American Abroad

Artists, Visas for

Attorneys, list of( PDF 240 KB)

Athletes, Visas for

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B-1 Visas - Business Visas

B-2 Visas - Holiday Visas

Babies.  See Consular Report of Birth

Birth Certificates.  See Consular Report of Birth 

Business Visas 

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C-1 (Transit) Visas

Citizenship, U.S.  See

Children.  See

Conference Participants, Visas for

Consular Report of Birth Abroad

Consular Services for American Citizens

Courier Service

Crew Visas.  See D Visas

Criminal Record Checks from the U.S. for U.S. Citizens

Cultural Exchange Visas

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D Visas (Crew Visas)

Death of an American Citizen Abroad

Department of Homeland Security

Department of Labor

Department of State  

Travel Information from the Department of State

Dependent Visas

Diplomatic Visas.  See A Visas 

Doctors, list of (PDF 238 KB)

Drop Box

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Employment (Temporary) Based Non-Immigrant Visa

Exchange Visitor Organizations (Fulbright Commision)

Exchange Visitors or Students, Visas for

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F Visas – Student Visas

Federal Benefits for U.S. Citizens Abroad


Fingerprinting and Criminal Background Checks

Nonimmigrant Visas

Fiancé(e), Visas.  See K Visas

Flight School in U.S.  See M Visas


Fulbright Commission  

Fund TransfersSee Money Transfers

Funerals.  See Death of An American Citizen Abroad

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Green Card Surrender

Green Card Loss

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H Visas  

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I Visas – Members of the Media

Immigrant Visas

Indian Immigration/visas

Immigration & Naturalization Service.  See Department of Homeland Security

Income Tax

Intercompany Transfer Visa.  See L Visas

Internal Revenue Service 

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J Visas – Exchange Visitor Visas

Journalists, Visas for.  See I Visas

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K Visa - Fiancé(e) Visas

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L-1 & L-2 Visas  

Loss of green card

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M-1 & M-2 Visas – Nonacademic Student Visas  

Media, Visas for.  See I Visas

Medical Services, list of (PDF 238 KB)

Money Transfers  

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Nonimmigrant Visas  

Notary Service

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O Visas (Persons of Extraordinary Ability)

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Physicians, list of (PDF 238 KB)

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R1 Visas – Religious Workers

Researchers, Visas for.  See J Visas

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Sign up for STEP – Smart Traveler Enrollment Program

Selective Service Registration


Social Security Administration

Students, Visas for

Study in the United States 

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Taxes.  See Income Tax

Travel Warnings

Traveler Redress Inquiry Program (DHS TRIP program) 

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U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

US-VISIT program (DHS)

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Vaccination Requirements, Immigrant Visa Processing

Visa - Immigrant

Visa - Nonimmigrant

Visa Refusal

Voting, Absentee (U.S. citizens)

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Warden Messages

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